Engineered metals
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Alloys list


Alloys list

Groups RLSA Alloy name Designation Standard chemical composition
(percentage by weight)
RLSA no. EN standard DIN standard UNS no.
Aciers Inoxydables AISI 316L 1.4404 INOX Fe reste Cr16.5-18.5 Ni10-13 Mo2-2.5 C0-0.03 964 1.4404
Aciers Inoxydables AISI 316L 1.4435 INOX Fe reste Cr17-19 Ni12.5-15 Mo2.5-3 C0-0.03 966 1.4435
Aluminium Al 1050 (99.5) ALUMINIUM Al99.5 800 AW-1050A 3.0255 A91050
Aluminium Al 1080 (99.8) ALUMINIUM Al99.8 808 AW-Al99.8 3.0285
Aluminium Al 1350 (Spécial 99.5) ALUMINIUM Al99.5 Spécial (peu d'impureté) 805 AW-1350A 3.0257 A91350
Aluminium AlCuMgSi AVIONAL 102 - EN AW2017A Al reste Cu3.5-4.5 Mg0.4-1 Si0.2-0.8 Mn0.4-1 870 AW-2017A 3.1325
Aluminium AlMg3 PERALUMAN 300 Al reste Mg2.6-3.6 830 AW-5754 3.3535 A95754
Aluminium AlMgSi1 ANTICORODAL 110 Al reste Mg0.6-1.2 Si0.7-1.3 Mn0.4-1 860 AW-6082 3.2315 A96082
Aluminium AlMn1 ALUMAN 100 Al reste Mn0.9-1.5 810 AW-3103 3.0515
Aluminium AlZn5.5MgCu PERUNAL Al reste Zn5.1-6.1 Mg2.1-2.9 Cu1.2-2 855 AW-7075 3.4365
Bronzes durcissables (Spinodal) AM388 CuNi8Sn5 Cu reste Ni7-8 Sn4.5-5.5 555 C72650
ARCAP ARCAP AP1 Cu65Ni25Zn8 Cu63-67 Ni24-26 Zn reste 464
ARCAP ARCAP AP1 C Cu56Ni25Zn18 Cu55-57 Ni24-26 Zn reste 465
ARCAP ARCAP AP4 / Konstantan CuNi44Mn Cu reste Ni43-45 Mn0.5-2 466 2.0842
Cuivre Cu ETP CUIVRE - CuA1 Cu>99.9 O0.04 max 100 CW004A 2.0065 C11000
Cuivre Cu OF CUIVRE - CuC1 Cu>99.99 O0.001 max 125 CW008A 2.0040 C10200
Cuivre Cu OFE CUIVRE - CuC2 Cu>99.99 O0.0005max 120 CW009A C10100
Cuivre Béryllium CuBe2 CUIVRE BERYLLIUM Cu reste Be1.8-2 142 CW101C 2.1247 C17200
Maillechort CuNi12Zn24 MAILLECHORT Cu63-66 Ni11-13 Zn reste Pb0.03 max 400 CW403J 2.0730 C75700
Maillechort au plomb CuNi12Zn25Pb MAILLECHORT Pb Cu60-63 Ni11-13 Zn reste Pb0.5-1.5 490 CW404J CuNi12Zn25Pb1 C79200
Cupronickel CuNi15 CUPRONICKEL Cu reste Ni14-16 615
Maillechort CuNi18Zn20 MAILLECHORT Cu60-63 Ni17-19 Zn reste Pb0.03 max 420 CW409J 2.0740 C76400
Maillechort CuNi18Zn27 MAILLECHORT Cu53-56 Ni17-19 Zn reste Pb0.03 max 455 CW410J 2.0742 C77000
Cupronickel CuNi25 CUPRONICKEL Cu reste Ni24-26 625 2.0830
Bronze Chrysocale CuSn3Zn9 CHRYSOCALE Cu reste Sn1.5-3 Zn7.5-10 Pb0.03 max 520 CW454K C42500
Bronze CuSn6 BRONZE Cu reste Sn5.5-7 Pb0.03 max 506 CW452K 2.1020 C51900
Bronze CuSn8 BRONZE Cu reste Sn7.5-8.5 Pb0.03 max 508 CW453K 2.1030 C52100
Tombac CuZn10 TOMBAC Cu89-91 Zn reste 210 CW501L 2.0230 C22000
Tombac CuZn15 TOMBAC Cu84-86 Zn reste 250 CW502L 2.0240 C23000
Laiton CuZn28 LAITON Cu71-73 Zn reste Pb0.03 max 300 CW504L 2.0261 C25600
Laiton CuZn30 LAITON Cu69-71 Zn reste Pb0.03 max 330 CW505L 2.0265 C26000
Laiton CuZn30 Deco LAITON Cu69-71 Zn reste Pb 0.0035 max 331 EN‎CW505L‎ C26000
Laiton CuZn33 LAITON Cu66-68 Zn reste Pb0.03 max 333 CW506L 2.0280 C26800
Laiton CuZn37 LAITON Cu62-64 Zn reste Pb0.03 max 370 CW508L 2.0321 C27200
Laiton au plomb CuZn37Pb2 LAITON Pb Cu61-63 Zn reste Pb1.6-2.5 385 CW606N (C35300)
Laiton au plomb CuZn38Pb2 LAITON Pb Cu60-63 Zn reste Pb1.6-2.5 390 CW608N 2.0371 C35000
Laiton au plomb CuZn39Pb2 LAITON Pb Cu58-61 Zn reste Pb1.6-2.5 397 CW612N 2.0380 C37700
Laiton CuZn42 (M42) LAITON Cu57-59 Zn reste Fe0-0.35 Pb0.03 max 345 CW510L C28500
Laiton CuZn42 (PNA378) LAITON Cu57-58.5 Zn reste Fe0.1-0.5 Pb0.03 max 343 CW510L C28500
Laiton CuZn42 (PNA380) LAITON Cu57-58.5 Zn reste Fe0-0.01 Pb0.03 max 344 CW510L C28500
Tombac CuZn5 TOMBAC Cu94-96 Zn reste 200 CW500L 2.0220 C21000
Bronzes durcissables (Spinodal) DECLAFOR 1015 CuNi7.5Sn5Te Cu reste Ni7-8 Sn4.5-5.5 Mn0.05-0.3 Te0.25 565
Alliage Nickel Hastelloy C-276 NiMo16Cr15W Ni51-63Mo15-17Cr15-16.5Fe4-7W3-4.5 986 NiMo16Cr15W 2.4819 N10276
Alliages Spéciaux K65 CuFe2P Cu reste Fe2.1-2.6 P0.03 max 130 CW107C 2.1310 C19400
Alliages Spéciaux L49 CuNi9Sn2 Cu reste Ni8.5-10.5 Sn1.8-2.8 Pb0.03 max 540 CW351H 2.0875 C72500
Cupronickel MONEL 400 NiCu32Fe1.5Mn Ni63 min Cu28-34 Fe1-2.5 Mn0-2 430 2.4360 N04400
Nickel Ni 99.0 Ni 99.0 Ni99.0 C0-0.15 601 2.4068
Nickel Ni 99.2 Ni 99.2 Ni99.2 C0-0.1 602 2.4066
Nickel Ni 99.6 Ni 99.6 Ni99.6 C0-0.08 600 2.4060
Nickel Ni 99.6 (low carbon) LC-99.6 LC-99.6 C0-0.02 606 2.4061
Bronzes durcissables (Spinodal) NICLAFOR 1000 / Wieland-L96 CuNi9Sn6 Cu reste Ni8.5-9.5 Sn5.5-6.5 560 C72700
Cuivre Titane NKT322 CuFeTi Cu reste Fe0.17-0.23 Ti2.9-3.4 135 C19910
Bronzes durcissables (Spinodal) PFINODAL CuNi15Sn8 Cu reste Ni14.5-15.5 Sn7.5-8.5 550 C72900
Aciers Inoxydables spécial PHYNOX - ELGILOY CoCr20Ni16Mo7 Fe reste Co39-42 Cr18.5-21.5 Ni15-18 Mo6.5-7.5 Mn1-2.5 C0-0.15 974 R30003/R30008
Aciers Maraging (Nickel Cobalt) POLIDUR X2 NiCoMo18-16.5-5 Fe reste Ni17-19 Co16-17 Mo4.5-5.5 971
Aluminium RAFFINAL Al 99.99% Al99.99 801 AW-Al99.99 A91199
Aciers Inoxydables spécial ROBAMAG INOX - 13Rm19 Fe reste Cr17.5-19.5 Ni6.8-8.5 Mn5-7.5 N0.2-0.3 C0.07-0.15 976 1.4369
Fer Pur ROBERT 02 Fer PUR - RFe60 Fe reste C0-0.03 901 1.1015
Aciers faiblement alliés ROBERT 12 C60S Fe reste C0.57-0.65 Mn0.6-0.9 Si0.15-0.35 912 C60S 1.1221
Aciers faiblement alliés ROBERT 12 (dev. Mn) C60S (dev. Mn) Fe reste C0.57-0.65 Mn0.3-0.5 Si0.15-0.35 916 C60S (dev. Mn) 1.1221 (dev. Mn)
Aciers faiblement alliés ROBERT 14 C67S Fe reste C0.65-0.73 Mn0.6-0.9 Si0.15-0.35 914 C67S 1.1231
Aciers faiblement alliés ROBERT 15 C75S Fe reste C0.7-0.8 Mn0.6-0.9 Si0.15-0.35 915 C75S 1.1248
Fer ROBERT 2 StW24 Fe reste C0-0.08 Mn0-0.4 902 DC04 1.0338
Aciers faiblement alliés ROBERT 20 C100S Fe reste C0.95-1.05 Mn0.3-0.6 Si0.15-0.35 920 C100S 1.1274
Fer alliés ROBERT 3 9SMnPb28 Fe reste C0-0.14 S0.27-0.33 Mn0.9-1.3 Pb0.15-0.35 903 1.0718
Aciers Inoxydables ROBERT 30 INOX Fe reste Cr16-19 Ni6-9.5 C0.05-0.15 960 1.4310 S30100
Aciers Inoxydables ROBERT 31 INOX Fe reste Cr17-19.5 Ni8-10.5 C0-0.07 961 1.4301 S30400
Aciers Inoxydables ROBERT 32 INOX Fe reste Cr16.40 Ni6.5 C0.11 962 1.4310 (+C) S30100
Aciers alliés ROBERT 7 42CrMo4 Fe reste C0.32-0.42 Cr0.9-1.2 Mo0.15-0.3 907 1.7225
Aciers Maraging (Nickel Cobalt) RODUR X2 NiCoMo18-9-5+Ti Fe reste Ni17-19 Co8-10 Mo4.5-5.5 Ti0.5 C0-0.03 970 1.6358 K93120
Aciers Maraging (Nickel Cobalt) RODUR Std X2 NiCoMo18-9-5+Ti Fe reste Ni17-19 Co8-10 Mo4.5-5.5 Ti0.5-0.8 C0-0.03 977 1.6358 K93120
Alliages Spéciaux S23 CuZn23Al3Co Cu72-75 Zn reste Al3-3.8 Co0.25-0.55 Pb0.03 max 375 CW703R C68800
Aciers inoxydables SANDVIK 316LVM X 2 CrNiMo 18 15 3 Fe Reste Cr17.5 Ni14 Mo2.8 Mn1.7 967 1.4441 S31673
Cuivre STOL 80 CuSn0.15 Cu reste Sn0.1-0.2 161 CW117C** C14415
Titane TITANE Gr. 1 Titane Grade1 Ti reste Fe0-0.2 C0-0.08 O0-0.18 N0-0.03 H0-0.015 881 3.7025 R50250
Titane TITANE Gr. 2 Titane Grade2 Ti reste Fe0-0.3 C0-0.08 O0-0.25 N0-0.03 H0-0.015 882 3.7035 R50400
Aciers Maraging (Nickel Cobalt) YAG 250RL X2 NiCoMo18-9-5+Ti Fe reste Ni17-19 Co8-10 Mo4.5-5.5 Ti0.5-0.8 C0-0.03 973 1.6358

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